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MOVFR II Door Operator

MOVFR II Door Operator


The MOVFR II from GAL is a heavy-duty door operator that can quietly handle any application. Handheld parameter management allows for rapid door setting replication across units, as well as fast and easy motion tuning. A PC board with a variable frequency (VVVF) closed-loop drive provides consistent door timing with no need for an encoder​​, and the operator can be programmed quickly and easily as both parameter unit and device work together.


This door operator adapts to all OEM and independent cars and doors with optical closed loop feedback, and provides true ‘Plug-and-Play’ detector installation.

Eliminated troubleshooting

LED indication of all inputs and outputs, for every speed zone during open and close, eliminates the need for trouble-shooting

Consistent door speed

Regulated speed via motor performance feedback provides perfect speed consistency from floor to floor.

Plug-and-play door protection

Safety edges can plug directly into the MOVFR operator, simplifying and saving hours on installation.

How it works

The GAL MOVFR door operator uses a motor-driven mechanism to facilitate the automatic opening and closing of doors, enhancing accessibility and convenience in a number of settings. When activated, the motor initiates movement, transferring force to the door to slide it along its track smoothly.

This system incorporates sensors to detect obstacles and ensure safe operation. Through precise engineering and reliable technology, the GAL MOVFR door operator streamlines entry and exit processes while prioritising user safety and efficiency.

GAL MOVFR II Operators

Features and Benefits

Heavy door options
Using the optional ‘heavy door’ input, it's possible to maximise door performance and still meet the kinetic energy code requirements.
Parameter Unit
The parameter unit features built-in diagnostics, with information in plain English, and can hold five complete sets of parameters.
Keypad programming
Complete control for all speeds, torques, acceleration, and deceleration, makes for incredibly fast and easy fine tuning.
Water resistant model
A water resistant model is available, where controls and cables are fully protected and motor rated for ‘wash down’ duty.
Heavy duty motor
The MOVFR heavy duty 1/2 horsepower motor is capable of handling any application and requirement.
Non-contact couplers
The use of non- contact optical couplers - with available spare for extra functions - helps to substantially reduce routine maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MOVFR's Universal Voltage Inputs will accept 24 to 300 volts, AC, DC, or dry set contacts. It can adapt to the output of virtually any elevator control.
There are only three inputs needed for MOVFR: Door Open, Door Close, and Nudging (optional input for 'heavy door'). Test push buttons for open, close, and nudging allows testing of the mechanical setup before running on automatic.
The closed loop offers regulated speed via motor performance feedback, and automatically adjusts for wind and door conditions. This creates perfect consistency from floor to floor.

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