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Since 1976 ILE has been the partner of choice for lift service companies, property companies and local authorities across the UK, offering fit-for-purpose, durable lift solutions.

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Finding the right lift solutions for an application is not just a technical challenge, but also a commercial one. Decisions often have a long-term impact on the cost-effectiveness of a lift. We’re here to help guide you to the best solutions for a property and its end users.

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Here at ILE, our focus has always been to develop strong relationships with customers, stakeholders, and suppliers. This has allowed us to build up a portfolio of solutions that are trusted by local authorities, transport providers, and private property managers across the UK.


We take enormous pride in ensuring we understand the specific application needs of each customer, and deliver the best solutions for the job. Coupled with industry-leading aftercare and tech support, our range of lift solutions deliver maximum value at every stage.

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