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Lighting, Indicators, Displays

Whether a finishing touch or a necessary accessibility feature, the lighting, indicators and displays play a central role in any lift.

Function and finesse - it’s all in the details

The functionality and usability of a lift is closely linked to its lighting, display and indicator solutions. In some properties, it can be an opportunity to reinforce a brand style and enhance user experience, while in others it’s more about creating a durable, functional space for passengers.


Regardless of the property profile, we can help design a suite of solutions for monitors, indicators and lighting to meet the expected standards of your lift users.


We also provide information display solutions, which can incorporate a range of content such as text, images, live news feeds, time and date, scheduled messages, animation and video. This can all be designed and programmed from anywhere through a user-friendly, web-based interface.

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Modern lighting and indicator solutions

Quick and easy lighting installation

Our bespoke lengths of ceiling and side lighting come complete with fixing kits for quick and easy installation.

Customised indicator hardware

Our range of full-colour TFT indicators, standalone or in stainless housings, can be fully customised direct from the lift controller.

Lighting, Indicators, Displays

TFT Indicator

TFT Indicators

We offer hall lanterns and fully customisable indicators that show car position, direction of movement, or specific messages.

Remote Data Display Unit

Remote Data Display Unit

Our Remote Data Display Unit can be used to display custom information or advertising to lobby or reception areas.

Our commitment to you

There are a range of factors to consider when it comes to designing, installing, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading lift equipment. Different buildings and lift types present different challenges – some of which require more than just a glance in a user manual.

Whether you are an installer, a servicer, or a property manager, we are committed to a partnership with you. Working closely with all parties involved, we do what’s needed to ensure your business gets the best possible value from your investment.

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Got a lift project coming up?

We’re here for you – with engineering, design, development, production, and tech support.

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