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Every lift application deserves attention to detail, but this is especially true when it comes to essential services such as transport, healthcare, and education.
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Equipment to depend on when it really matters

Lifts play a critical role in the seamless functioning of transport, logistics, education, healthcare, and senior care. While each application presents its own set of specific requirements and challenges, they all depend on the functionality that comes with dependable, long-lasting, cost-effective lift equipment.


As a lift supplier, our commitment is always to ensure the safe and reliable operation of lifts in all areas of society. Lifts are essential to the inclusivity, efficiency, and convenience that a functioning infrastructure needs – and we want to play our part in the continued accessibility of these vital facilities.

Why choose ILE?

ILE is the lift equipment supplier of choice for many key infrastructure lift projects across the UK. Our ability to tailor and manufacture lift solutions to highly detailed specifications is a key factor in the selection process, particularly when it comes to essential applications that need to meet strict requirements for hard-wearing, fire-safe, and long-lasting components.


We have the capability to design and build lifts that are easy to install, cost-efficient to run, and fast to repair. And with a network of trusted supply partners, our customers always have access to high quality, hand-picked components and spare parts for service and maintenance.

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