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MRL Packages

The machine room-less lift is the key to space efficiency, lower construction costs, and environmental benefits.

Flexibility and performance combined

MRL lifts are a genuine game-changer when it comes to the efficient use of space and energy. By eliminating the need for a separate machine room, these lifts optimise the lift’s physical footprint. This allows for more flexible floor layouts and increased leasable space. MRL lifts also reduce construction costs associated with building machine rooms, resulting in significant savings.


Here at ILE, we offer bespoke MRL solutions, customised to meet the specific needs of a property and its use. We have a team of engineers dedicated to the quoting, design and project management of each lift. All sourced equipment is of the highest quality, from Ziehl-Abegg gearless motors, ILE control systems, and options for lightweight European or heavy-duty GAL door equipment.

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Hand-picked quality lift equipment

One-stop MRL shop

We pride ourselves on assembling each MRL package using the best equipment, with careful consideration for the specific application.

Long-lasting solutions

Thanks to the quality and proven longevity of its components, each MRL solution will remain fit for purpose for a significant amount of time.

MRL Packages

ILE MRL Glass Shaft

The ILE MRL Package

We provide customised MRL solutions in the form of complete, bespoke lift packages based on your specific requirements.

Our commitment to you

There are a range of factors to consider when it comes to designing, installing, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading lift equipment. Different buildings and lift types present different challenges – some of which require more than just a glance in a user manual.


Whether you are an installer, a servicer, or a property manager, we are committed to a partnership with you. Working closely with all parties involved, we do what’s needed to ensure your business gets the best possible value from your investment.

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Got a lift project coming up?

We’re here for you – with engineering, design, development, production, and tech support.

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