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Commercial Lifts

The right lift equipment ensures the efficient flow of people and goods through office buildings, hotels, and retail properties.
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High quality design and process

When it comes to commercial properties, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Each application serves different needs and comes with its own unique challenges, all of which play a part in your daily traffic flow and, ultimately, your bottom line.


That’s why our team of skilled draughtspeople and lift designers play such a key role in ensuring your specific commercial lift project features the right equipment and technology to ensure smooth operations, great value, and a positive user experience – making an impact on your overall reputation and efficiency.

Why choose ILE?

Since 1976, ILE has supplied lift equipment for thousands of commercial lift installations across the UK. Our customers choose to work with us because of our ability to custom-design and build lift solutions to highly detailed specifications, with consistent commitment to detail and unparallelled tech support at every stage of the project.


We have the capability to design and build lifts that are easy to install, cost-efficient to run, and fast to repair. And with a network of trusted supply partners, our customers always have access to high quality, hand-picked components and spare parts for service and maintenance.

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