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MOVFR II Door Operator

MOVFR II Door Operator

The MOVFR II from GAL is a heavy-duty door operator that can quietly handle any application. Handheld parameter management allows for rapid door setting replication across units, as well as fast and easy motion tuning. A PC board with a variable frequency (VVVF) closed-loop drive provides consistent door timing with no need for an encoder​​, and the operator can be programmed quickly and easily as both parameter unit and device work together.


This door operator adapts to all OEM and independent cars and doors with optical closed loop feedback, and provides true ‘Plug-and-Play’ detector installation.

Product features:

  • Quick and easy LED display keypad programming controlling all speeds, torques, acceleration, and deceleration
  • Download operating parameters for one operator for easy upload to others, great for multi-car banks
  • Electronic door position optical cams with sequential lights displaying speed and door positions
  • Over current re-open and DPM fault monitor signals
  • Universal inputs accept control signals from dry contacts to signal voltages from 12-230V, AC or DC
  • Output contacts including door open limit, door close limit, re-open signal, and DPM signal rated at 230V, 10 amp AC
  • Portable PU04 unit lets you easily modify preset parameter values, capable of holding 5 complete sets (1 working set, 4 defaults)
  • Available for left- and right-hand doors (centre-parting doors use a variation of the left-hand door operator)
  • Drives Available: 230 VAC/115 VAC

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