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We service and repair control systems and upgrade door systems and drives – keeping your lifts moving safely and cost-effectively.

Dependable service means better value

It’s important to recognise when a piece of lift equipment needs servicing, but it’s just as important to know when it’s time to replace or upgrade it. All lift components have an expected life span, impacted by frequency of use, location, and even vandalism. To ensure optimal return on investment, it’s helpful to monitor the lift’s usage and performance with the view to understand when various components are likely to become more cost-effective to replace than to repair.


We’re here to help you get the best possible value from the equipment – extending its life, or making a replacement when the time is right. If in doubt, contact our skilled team who will help determine the value of ongoing service of the product.

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Quality of equipment

All the products we manufacture and source are subject to consistently high quality and safety standards.

Extended warranties

For any third-party products, we often add an extended warranty as an additional safety net for ILE clients.

Control system repair

All microprocessors used since 1987 are still available as replacements, or can be repaired by our in-house technicians.

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Your control system in safe hands

ILE has been producing control systems since 1987. All of the microprocessors used during this period are still available as replacements or, alternatively, can be repaired in-house. Systems covered include the following:

  • Witronic MPSA, MPSA-L, MPSLC
  • Midiflite, Interflite
  • Skycom
  • All CAN-X products
  • Nimbus

Drives and doors

However robust a drive system may be, it won’t last forever. When a machine is no longer cost-effective to repair or maintain, we offer a full replacement service or upgrade options using high-performance inverters with motor control functions.


For any levelling or accessibility issues with lift entrances or landings, we can also provide a sturdy add-on system that aligns the levelling profile to comply with all current DDA regulations.

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