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The Importance of Reinvention 

All businesses evolve over time, but how do you ensure it remains true to its values and heritage – while allowing innovation to shape it? Nancy Lycett, Managing Director, explains the significance of the new ILE. 
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ILE has always been a family company. However, the term ‘family’ is evolving and we’re now seeing a different flavour of the traditional family business. Today, the ILE family is a blended one, and our team has a new energy that is both infectious and productive.  

Change is inevitable 

Over the years, the company has seen its fair share of change. One of the biggest shifts took place in August 2022 when a new era of ILE management came into play. As Managing Director I remain a part of that leadership team, but we have welcomed a younger, confident set of leaders to take ILE forward into new markets and deploy new innovations. Still, the main ambition of ILE is unchanged; we’re here to support the UK lift industry.  

To achieve this, we must maintain, adapt, and improve the levels of expertise for which we have always been credited. Our focus is to pass on the skills of our more seasoned team members, while providing equal opportunity for the whole ILE family to grow. We encourage our younger team members to identify training needs and experience gaps, and we celebrate the wealth of experience and expertise gathered by our senior colleagues. Sharing the experiences and promoting skill development is the cornerstone of the new ILE.

The new ILE brand 

Whenever a business makes major changes on the inside, it also needs to consider how those changes are reflected on the outside. Here at ILE, it was important for us to express our new direction through strong branding, visuals, language and communication tools that showcase our company’s personality. This facelift has helped us not only to demonstrate our strengths to the market more effectively, but it has also given us a renewed confidence and a sense of pride in what we stand for. The new ILE brand and website creates a bridge between the historical business and the future we are continuing to build. 

The best of all worlds 

Manufacturing in the UK is challenging and presents many barriers to a successful business model.  Still, it is all we know – and we are proud of our homegrown product line.  

  • The in-house development of our Nimbus processor and control system exemplifies the technology-led ambition of the new ILE, with functionality that eclipses our electrical past.  
  • Our fire-certified entrances give confidence to countless users of public housing lifts. In a post-Grenfell world, we help to ensure that safety is non-negotiable.  
  • ILE can produce whatever is asked of us, with the ability to design to specific bids. We can create turnkey, bespoke solutions and have unrivalled UK credentials for design, manufacture and ongoing support. 
  • Meanwhile, we continue to incorporate the best equipment from companies around the world who match our ambition for quality. We combine the best of the international supply chain with the best of UK engineering. 

From one generation to the next 

I am as proud today as I was the first day I went to work with my father, Derek, who founded ILE. It doesn’t get any easier, but I am safe in the knowledge that the business continues to be as dedicated and thorough as he was. We have new leadership, equipped with empathy and appreciation of the importance of a motivated and valued team. We also share a genuine respect for our customers and the consultants that advise them. As we approach our 50-year milestone of trading next year, I consider the golden era of ILE to be ahead of us. 

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