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How to select the perfect lift solution for a property

Vertical transportation is an essential consideration in any multi-storey property, and ensuring the lift solution is appropriate for its intended use. High-occupancy high-rise social housing may have a very different criteria than offices or workspaces, and it’s crucial to ensure the solution is fit for purpose. Phil McDonnell, Technical and Commercial Manager here at ILE explains the key considerations when designing a lift solution.
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First steps

The very first question we consider is the purpose of the lift. Is it for goods, passengers or both? We also look at the type of building it is going to be operating in. If there is potential for vandalism, misuse and heavy usage, we’ll recommend a very different solution to that of an office building where there will probably be a separate goods lift for equipment and furniture. It’s also important to consider our customer’s budget and build a solution within that.

Traction vs hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lifts are more often used in low-rise buildings, and we offer options for updating and upgrading hydraulic lifts as well as replacing them with traction lifts. Although sometimes seen as old fashioned and outdated, there are now incredibly modern, energy and cost-efficient hydraulic solutions that we offer to our customers who are keen to look at sustainable updates to their lifts. Upgrading existing hydraulic lifts and only replacing the necessary parts with modern, energy efficient parts helps organisations towards reaching their carbon net-zero targets whilst saving their budgets and reducing waste as well. Depending on the requirements, hydraulic lifts can be a cost-effective solution for new low-rise builds, and we ensure our customers have a range of options to choose from, alongside our expert advice, when making decisions about lifts at the design stage.

Machine Room Less Elevators – simply space saving?

Many of our customers are now looking at Machine Room Less (MRL) options, releasing the space once needed for a motor room for other purposes. This saves money and offers a potential for gaining additional income from the use of that space, for example another residential or storage unit to sell or let. We’re seeing many customers opt for siting the lift controller on an existing landing, instead of taking up a larger area solely designated for that purpose.

ILE’s MRLs are unique in the market. High quality and long-lasting, with the same strength and equipment as traditional lifts, we don’t skimp on quality with our MRLs. We also offer a silent brake solution, eliminating the noise made by similar MRL elevators and ensuring building residents close-by are not disturbed.

Considering doors and controls

The footprint of the lift car and size of the lift shaft are always a factor when deciding on doors, with constraints around size limiting the use of vandal-proof doors. Once again, we consider customer budget and building type to ensure we supply a solution that fits the requirements, including specific fire-rating standards, if necessary. We’ve seen an increase in interest in fire safety standards and installing the best equipment in recent years, with customers looking for the safest solution. Our GAL doors have a full fire certificate, and all our panels have low smoke and fume cabling as standard. We are also able to adhere to firefighter lift standards in all lifts if it’s not possible to have a separate lift in the building, and can upgrade existing lifts to firefighting standards.

Calculating the cost of a lift over its lifespan

We consider our lifts have 25 years before they need refurbishment, providing a cost-effective long-term, high quality service. Regenerative drives can lower building costs, with an installed unit taking the energy created by lift travel and passing it as electricity back into the building’s mains, bringing overall energy costs down. We can calculate exactly how much energy, and therefore money, is saved over a certain period of time, taking into account the initial outlay for the installation of the regenerative drive. We are now seeing break even points standing at around two to three years.

Building tailor-made solutions

We are exclusive partners with GAL in the UK, and are very careful with choosing supply partners, only selecting the highest quality products to build our solutions. We have confidence in the equipment we use, and underwrite all warranties on them. It’s important to us to use suppliers that have similar values and standards to ILE, providing the best equipment to our customers in tailormade solutions. Our experts work with every customer to ensure the solution we build meets their unique requirements; no two lift solutions are the same!

Let us help you

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