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ILE Nimbus Lift Control System


ILE Nimbus

Nimbus LS is the newest and most powerful lift system control module from ILE. Built on a proven, flexible, and robust control architecture, Nimbus provides a modern gateway into the efficient setup and operation of your lift installation – maximising its value.

Constant status awareness

Check the status of your lift by accessing the control module at any time, from any internet-connected device.

High-rise capability

Control up to 32 floors from a single unit, and create a network group of up to eight lifts without needing additional equipment.

Remote assistance

Receive remote assistance from qualified technicians who can log in to resolve any issues directly on the screen.

How it works

Nimbus LS is a lift system control module engineered to meet all the typical needs of an on-site lift engineer. Built on the existing robust control architecture from ILE, this new lift system leads the way in its product class and revolutionises how a user interacts with the lift system during installation as well as maintenance.


The Nimbus lift system comes with a whole host of helpful features, including an intuitive, icon-based interface, IoT technology, and on-board remote monitoring capability.

ILE Nimbus Elevator Control System

Features and Benefits

5" full colour TFT display
The icon-driven touch screen interface incorporates single touch, swipe, and scrolling control - intuitive for any smartphone user.
Superior computing power
Nimbus features the Cortex - A72, one of the most powerful computing chips on the market, providing computing power beyond any previous lift systems.
Practical membrane keypad
The screen is supported by a membrane keypad featuring all key functions as shortcuts directly on the control module, at the user's fingertips.
On-board WiFi
The control module can create its own WiFi hotspot for connecting a smartphone or tablet which can be used as a secondary controller screen.
4G Modem
An integrated on-board modem allows the control module to be accessed by 4G, for the user to check lift status from any internet-connected device.
Built-in HDMI port
An HDMI port is capable of producing a high-definition 4K video output to a connected display screen, to show lift operation and diagnostic data.

Downloads and Manuals

Frequently Asked Questions

A restore point system provides easy reversion to previous settings and a time-recorded history of changed settings. Settings can be copied in or out via USB memory stick, PC tool, or remote assistance, and can be stored internally on flash memory as well as a removable SD-Card.
The Nimbus LS control module is capable of controlling 32 floors with independent front and rear door control and can be networked to form up to an eight lift group (without the need for additional dispatcher equipment). Extensive configuration settings are provided to cater for a range of customer requirements.
Yes. Ethernet communication is provided by two ports, 100Base-T and 1000Base-T. These ports are connected to an inbuilt IEEE 802.3af compliant power source which supports mode A & B connections. They can supply up to Class 3 power and therefore can directly (without the need for external equipment) provide a power and data connection to a POE-capable security camera. This feature can be used in combination with the controller's onboard audio system, to provide a two way audio / video link with a camera in the lift car. This video feed can be recorded to the internal solid state storage.
Yes. Nimbus is fitted with a galvanic isolated RS485 port which allows connection to building management systems using the Modbus protocol. There is also a galvanic isolated RS232 port used for connection to the external ILE remote motoring system (which can be provided as an optional extra).

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