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Skycom Series Control Unit
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Skycom Series

ILE has been producing control systems for the UK market for more than 30 years. Thanks to our established market knowledge and technical expertise, we have been able to create a modern product that meets the needs of a wide range of applications. Our range of Skycom controllers feature technology that is affordable, flexible, and reliable.


The CAN-X controller from ILE is based on a CAN network providing a distributed lift controller using pre-loomed plug-and-play modules, reducing time during installation and commissioning.


CAN-X+ is the next generation of Skycom processor building on the success of the CAN-X system, using the latest surface-mount technology to improve an established and market-proven ILE product.


Product features:

  • Absolute shaft encoder (up to 4 m/s)
  • Set-up via smartphone app or TFT touchscreen
  • Self-learning shaft run
  • Group control
  • Dual processor
  • Installation kit available for quick start-up during installation
  • Simplex Control
  • Up to 32 floors
  • Hydraulic & Traction
  • Fully configurable services
  • Time-stamped event logging
  • Pre-loomed shaft wiring (Safety circuit, CAN peripherals)
  • Standalone board mount, Wifi unit, and USB ports (CAN-X+)



ILE - International Lift Equipment Logo
ILE Nimbus Lift Control System


Nimbus LS is the newest and most powerful lift system control module from ILE. Built on a proven, flexible, and robust control architecture, Nimbus provides a modern gateway into the efficient setup and operation of your lift installation – maximising its value.

Product features:

  • Constant status awareness
  • High-rise capability
  • Remote assistance
  • Efficient setup
  • Icon-based interface
  • IoT technology
  • On-board remote monitoring

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